• Tai Chi / Qi Gong (Chi Kung): Tai Chi and Chi Kung are two disciplines of Chinese origin that share the same base and goal but differ in execution and focus. The goal in both cases is to maintain or promote optimal body health, though Chi Kung is more focused on gymnastics and Tai Chi as martial arts. Albert Gonzàlez, a teacher in these two disciplines who has been teaching in Karuna Do for years, seamlessly combines the two systems in a way that adds extra richness and variety to his classes. These disciplines can be taught in group or individual classes.

• Hatha Vinyasa Yoga: This is one of the classic forms of Yoga. A discipline of Hindu origin that pursues the same objective as those mentioned above (Tai xi / Chi Kung) but proposes a totally different way of communicating with the organism. These are physical and mental challenges that require a continuous effort of concentration in maintaining each posture (Aachen) and the transition between them (Vinyasa). The goal of Yoga is to block the fluctuations of the mind naturally through dynamic movements coordinated with breathing. Hatha and hatha Vinyasa are the most complete systems of Yoga. Each Yoga session involves toning the spine in its full range of motion, as well as all the muscles in the body. The sessions end with the release of all stress through a very complete guided relaxation.

• Reiki Usui and Karuna and Energy Therapy Francesc Torrent System: Techniques that work at the energy level, pursuing the internal rebalancing of the body and its harmonization with the outside. They are applied by the imposition of hands, the use of symbolism and the recitation of mantras. Reiki uses the energy present in the patient’s body, while the Energy Therapy of the Francesc Torrent System uses the energy generated in the therapist’s body by controlling breathing. Both techniques offer many possibilities, both therapeutic and well-being.