Acupuncture is one of the most recognized Natural Therapies. By inserting needles at certain points in the body, acupuncture assists in the recovery of health problems of all kinds, whether traumatic, organic, energetic, emotional, etc … Acupuncture identifies the body human as a complete whole in which all spheres of being converge, making it easy to treat ailments that are difficult to attack or even detect in most medical disciplines.

The KOSA system

The Karuna Do center is the home in our country of the KOSA system. The origin of the modern K.O.S.A system of acupuncture dates back 400 years. The exact date is unknown. Our system is based on studies performed by an ascetic known by the pseudonym Saahm, who is said to have spent thirteen years locked in a cave in order to develop four acupuncture formulas based on Yin-Yang and Five Elements, with which he was able to treat his patients by repairing the internal functions of the organs, thereby attacking the root of the diseases and managing to help thousands of people who had not been treated before. After this process was completed, Saahm implemented his findings with great success, gaining great fame and recognition in the times of the Chosun Korean Dynasty. Unfortunately, at death, the Saahm ascetic was buried with all his books and writings, thus losing the purity of his knowledge, although a fraction of it survived due to the existence of other great Korean acupuncturists. they were able to understand part of their treatments. It was not until the 1950’s that the Korean acupuncturist Lee Jae Won succeeded in locating the Saahm ascetic’s tomb, unearthed his writings, and created the only school in which he developed himself. still teaches today the complete system of the Saahm ascetic. Master Lee was given the pseudonym SohGok. This school was continued by its leading student, Kim Hyung gwan, who received the pseudonym SaahOk, and who distinguished this school from the others that teach Acupuncture Methods based on incomplete parts of this system, added the word “orthodox” to its description, which is why, today, we know the old Saahm ascetic system with the modern name Orthodox Korean Orthodox Acupuncture Saahm, or its acronym KOSA.