Marine biologist.


Master of Tae Kwon Do.

The only acupuncturist in Catalonia trained in the Saahm Orthodox Korean Acupuncture method (KOSA – considered by the WHO to be the most effective alternative medicine available) by the KOSA Original School in South Korea, founded by the Acupuncture Master. Lee Jae Kwon, and depositary of the original texts of this method. Graduate in Classical Acupuncture, Korean Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Tui-Na Massage, Sports Massage, Biomechanics, Physical Education, Yin Foc expert. International Tae Kwon Do Champion and Boxing National, Full Contact and Savatte. Currently Tae Kwon Do teacher and teacher in Karuna Do, offering classes to children and young competitors. Marine Biologist by training, an expert in Ecology. She is currently providing therapeutic services at Karuna Do and is in the process of systematizing her own Energy Sanction system, based on her experience in martial arts and Qi Gong.