Karuna Do Center for Alternative Therapies

Karuna Do Center for Alternative Therapies

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The universe is mental

The Center

Welcome to the website of Karuna Do, the center of natural therapies and the first center of our country based on the Saahm Korean Orthodox Acupuncture system (in English K.O.S.A).

Here you will find all the information you need about the therapies we offer, the courses we offer and the products and services we have available. Take your time to calmly examine this page, to which we invite you to come back whenever you want to read a piece of popular wisdom or ask for health advice.

The professionals who are in charge of the Karuna Do Center are:

Francesc Torrent: Catalonia’s only acupuncturist trained in the Saahm Korean Orthodox Acupuncture method (Kosa – considered by WHO as the most effective alternative medicine that exists) by the KOSA School originally from South Korea, repository of the original texts of this method. Bachelor in Classical Acupuncture, Korean Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Tui-Na Massage, Sports Massage, Biomechanics, Physical Education, expert in Yin Fire. Former international champion of Tae Kwon Do and national Boxing, Full Contact and Savatte. Currently teacher and teacher of Tae Kwon Do in Karuna Do, offering classes to children and young competitors.

Marine Biologist training, expert in Ecology. He currently provides his therapeutic services in Karuna Do and is in the process of systematizing his own Energy Sanction system, based on his experience in martial arts.

Laia Rus: transpersonal therapist, chiromassist (with her own method of massage) and reflexologist. Physical-Psychic Medicine works through massage with diagnosis and TNDR exploration. Apply tools such as Bioenergetics during the massage or session.

Julieta Demarco: Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher, artist and educator. Ten years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga Graduated in Psychopedagogy (Cabred). Dancer since the age of 10 (physical theater, contemporary dance, improvisation and Contact).

Nina Piulats: Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, dance pedagogue, somatic movement educator (Body-Mind Centring -R.) and manual therapist.

Albert Martínez: experienced and prestigious teacher in the disciplines of Chinese origin Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Chi Kung). He has extensive national and international experience offering classes in these disciplines. Connoisseur of a wide number of styles and varieties, he is recognized as a great expert in the Wu Dang and Zi Neng systems of Qi Gong, and in the Tai Chi Yang system. Add deep reconnective meditations in each of your classes, often supported by sound therapy with quartz bowls.

Margarita Calonge: Quigong CFQ teacher (Chaoyi Fanhuan Quigong)




We offer a variety of therapies. We specialize in acupuncture and massage of various types, as well as in floral therapies and homeopathy. In addition, you can enjoy various appliances available in the center.



We offer Tae Kwon Do, Qi Gong, various types of Yoga classes and also self defense classes.


Cosmetics and Aesthetics

Facial acupuncture and facial massages with natural oils will make you feel like new.



We look within ourselves to get to know each other better. Collectively during guided meditations, or individually, in psychotherapy sessions. We also offer reiki and energy healing.



Karuna Do was born in March 2014 with the successful fusion of two work styles. The style practiced by Laia Rus, based on body therapies with a strong psycho-neuro-emotional conditioning, and the methodology employed by Francesc Torrent, based on the Kosa system (Saahm Korean Orthodox Acupuncture). The combination of the various complementary techniques of each of the indicated methods converge in many aspects, while also diverging. However, the union of both techniques means that therapeutic possibilities are achieved that, by themselves, the two systems could not achieve without each other. This is the main premise of Karuna Do.

The physical space where the activity takes place, located in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, was conceived as a versatile place. The Japanese word Karuna is an ad hoc translation of the Tibetan word rning RJE, the meaning in Castilian means “compassion.” On the other hand, the Korean word Do (in Chinese Tao) literally means “way.” And it is that the strength of Karuna Do lies in this integration, given that the establishment is prepared to host all kinds of therapists and instructors who can provide an effective and interesting service. In this way and by natural selection, the current Karuna Do team has been established. Indeed, composed of its initiators Laia Rus and Francesc Torrent, two Masters of Tai Chi / Chi Kung, three Yoga instructors Hatha Vinyasa, and a homeopath expert in floral therapy. In addition, two of the people said are Reiki Masters.

The services offered to Karuna Do focus on the area of healing. For all this, it makes them always taxable of a deep knowledge of the reality of each patient, which requires an initial interview, the correct development of the therapy, and in which the contribution of the necessary medical data is requested, in order to be able to complete a correct history of your history and thus be able to apply the treatment that is necessary.

The development of the treatment involves the realization of a certain number of sessions and their courtship by the therapist who takes the case.

The pathologies treated to Karuna Do cover a wide spectrum of diseases, energy dysfunctions, biochemical-mechanical imbalances, emotional problems, psycho-neuro-emotional disorders, etc. A multitude of pathologies cataloged in a hierarchy of lesser to greater severity. At Karuna Do, problems of all pathological levels are treated.



C/ Novell, 63 08014, Les Corts, Barcelona

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680 34 70 22 (Francesc Torrent)

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Metro: Plaça del Centre, Les Corts (L3)
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