Laia Rus

My professional activity as a therapist covers the area of ​​Transpersonal Psychotherapy, having trained in the disciplines of Gestalt Therapy, Naturopathy, Reflexology and Chiromassage.

The purpose of my therapy sessions is to balance the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy aspects.

Psychotherapy, first of all, is developed through a study to arrive at a preliminary diagnosis that will facilitate the later field of work. In speech therapy sessions, we jointly detect the source of the suffering and acquired patterns of behavior, as well as the viewpoints of reality to question it. In this way, the psychotherapeutic work goes into the causes and their effects, the personal responsibility, the impact of the ego and the experience of the essence.

I have gained years of experience in shamanism by practicing ayahuasca and temazcals and healing and release through bioenergetics.

I make contact with the other plane, practicing transits of people leaving their body helping them in the task of ‘letting go’. I accompany the mourning.

My energy therapy training has led me to practice as an 8-Linear Unified Tibetan Reiki Master and as a Reiki Karuna.

As for massages, I practice practicing bioenergetic massage for the release of physical blockages (psycho-emotional cause), while providing tools for generating inner change. I also do full body massages, deep and rebalancing the physical and energetic part of the body.