• This massage is focused on relaxing the muscles of the whole body and activating the blood and lymph circulation through various movements of the hands and forearms.

    It combines digito-pressure, reflexology, chiromassage and neurosedative movements.

    Chiromassage is applied through a set of techniques aimed at alleviating muscle aches, whether they are tension-type, energy blockage or lack of tone.

    It is based on the use of friction, pressure, percussion or stretching; depending on the problem to be treated and the technique used.

    Chiromassage helps you work on muscle tension, unlock energy lines (Acupuncture Meridians) and joints; improves drainage of fluid (lymph, blood) and optimizes the functioning of the organs.

    All this provides a balancing effect (relaxing or invigorating).

    The foot tour begins and ends with the head exploring all parts of the body.

  • Therapeutic massage based on traditional Chinese medicine.

    This technique allows you to discover the body through pressures on the feet, hands and face.

    It has many benefits such as: reducing tension, alleviating possible health disorders, improving circulation, eliminating toxins and helping to restore the natural state of health and well-being.

    The map of every organism is drawn on the floor of the feet, hands and face. You just have to press the right place to unlock the energy contained in a particular organ.

  • It is a form of body work characterized by a combination of short movements encompassed by long, fluid and integrative movements that surround the whole body.

    Although relaxation is one of the effects of massage, the primary goal of gestalt massage is to increase body awareness through conscious contact, breathing, and presence.

    Due to this way of work, emotional situations such as anguish, joy, sadness, crying can be needed that a professional will need to support and accompany the person.

    This massage is especially indicated in difficult periods of break or mourning, to fight stress, fatigue, various somatization or depressive states, and is highly recommended for people who have a bad time with their bodies, among others.

    It also helps those who suffered from a lack of contact and maternal affection (conscious or not), reducing the aftermath of this emotional failure.

  • This massage focuses on exploring the TNDR points of the body (energy blocks) and works them specifically with the objective of getting rid of them.

    Each block is related to a psychological and / or emotional conflict.

  • Massage with application of energy healing.

  • Regeneration of the body’s energy, release of energy parasites, and rebalancing of energy centers. The session facilitates the understanding of one’s own personal path.